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The Legend of Wish Rocks in St. Martins

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Banded rocks may look quite ordinary with their belt of white quartz, but they are rumored to have the power to grant wishes. Here's what you need to know.


Every summer my family took the long drive up I95 back to the Maritimes. Our parents were born there, as were their parents, their parents parents, and on it went. So Maritime lore was second nature.

With a mom who loved to walk the beach during our summers in St. Martins, we became expert treasure hunters. We'd trot alongside her hunting for rusted tin cans to make red rock tea, mermaids purses, rocks that became a completely different color when they were wet (in this case licked) and most importantly, wish rocks. Because in the maritimes, if you find a rock with a stripe all around it, things are about to get interesting in the wishing department.

Legend says that making a wish come true with a wish rock is a fairly simple procedure. First, find one

Wish Rocks, the Legend

Legend says that making a wish come true with a wish rock is a fairly simple procedure. First, find one. This is not hard in St. Martins, we are the wish rock capital of the world. Second, close your eyes, trace your finger around the stripe and make a wish. Then, open your eyes and either throw the stone into the sea as far as you can, or give it to someone you love. Then wait, and your wish will come true. If you make a wish on behalf of a person other than yourself; then ALL your wishes come true.

The very best and most powerful Wish Rocks have a single continuous line wrapping around it, a line unbroken and uninterrupted by other lines or streaks.

Every time I go to the beach—whether in St. Martins, or anywhere else in the world, I look not only for rocks with pretty colors but for those magical Wish Rocks.

Do they work?

They must. We have three wonderful kids, a new daughter-in-law, Dolly, my nutty 16 year old puppy, and Max an energetic standard poodle, to keep us happy. What more could you wish for?

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