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Sign in front of the Beach Street Inn in St. Martins, New Brrunswick, Canada

The Beach Street Inn

The Beach Street Inn was originally built in 1890 by the Skillen family when St. Martins was a thriving shipbuilding town. The house quickly became a social hub for the entire village.

About The Inn

Tragically, the house burned to the ground in a great fire in the spring of 1900. Mrs. Skillen had Mr. Skillen recreate the house exactly as it had been built, board by board, window by window. The original windows are still intact today.

When Paul and I bought the house in 2021, it was the middle of a global pandemic and not exactly an ideal time to restore a heritage building. But, against all odds, we brought our dream to life, lovingly and painstakingly renovating the Inn and giving the old bones new life.

As a family home, the Inn holds special memories for generations of families who once called it their own. When they visit, we feel a kind of kinship as they share stories of playing in the attic or the carriage house as children, and it brings back memories of our long summer days spent blissfully playing by the Bay of Fundy.

Relaxing on the Patio of the Beach Street Inn in St. Martins, New Brunswick, Canada
Forever Fundy

Now, it’s our turn to share this magical place with you. With 17 guest rooms to choose from, each with its own unique style and view, you’ll fall asleep to the ocean’s music and wake up each day to experience the tastes, sights, and sounds of St. Martins.

The Beach Street Inn is the perfect anchor to your Bay of Fundy holiday. Everything is just waiting for you to arrive.

- Beth & Paul


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The beautiful St. Martins Sea Caves
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Comfotable and spacious rooms at the Beach Street Inn in St Martins New Brunswick Canada


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The beautiful St. Martins Sea Caves from the Sky
The beautiful St. Martins Sea Caves from the inside of the cave
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