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The Heart of the Bay of Fundy Experience

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The Beach Street Inn nestled at the heart of St. Martins is the ideal destination for those yearning for a place to unwind and de-stress from their everyday lives while soaking in all the natural wonders of the Canadian coastline. This luxury seaside hotel is perfect for a vacation that truly refreshes the spirit and feeds your inner peace.

Our quaint town located on the East coast of Canada in New Brunswick is situated on the astonishing Bay of Fundy - with the world's greatest tidal ranges flowing in and out twice a day and measuring at a 38-foot rise and fall. As a point of reference, the US coastlines tidal range is 3 to 6 feet. Along with the area's dramatic coastlines and natural landscapes, our coastal hotel always provides an opulent experience from the moment you arrive with our friendly faces greeting you at the door, all the way to the waterfall showers and Turkish towels.

One of the many amenities we offer are personalized itinerary suggestions to help you take in all the natural beauty and joy St. Martins has to offer. Whether you’re looking to relax seaside in our beautiful Adirondacks chairs taking in the views or looking to go for a thrilling hike up one of our many trails, St. Martins has it all.

A favorite way to introduce you to our idyllic coastline would be to start off your morning soaking up the cascading light on our sun porch, enjoying your gourmet breakfast and a cup of steaming coffee or tea. After waving goodbye to our amazing staff and grabbing one of our picnic bags filled with delicious locally sourced lunches, you’ll make your way through our iconic covered bridges, to the Funday Trail Parkway. People from all over the world travel to see this 19-mile scenic road that hugs the coastline, containing vistas that are sure to leave you breathless.

The first site we would suggest stopping at is Flowerpot rock at the Fownes Head lookout. This trail leads you on a gentle walk to see the incredible effect of the ocean’s tides, having carved away the cliffs and creating “Flowerpot rock” standing resolutely in front of the shoreline.

From there you’ll continue along the parkway and come to Melvin’s beach, a true maritime experience. This is one of the many beautiful spots to stop and enjoy that picnic lunch, siting and soaking in the peace and quiet, while listening to the ocean waves. For the more daring, a short hike will bring you up close and personal to a beautiful Waterfall that feeds back into the bay. When it's time to hit the road again, make sure you pause and snap one of our most iconic photos at the top, displaying the coastline speckled with sea caves and striking lighthouses.

If you're still feeling up for adventure, you can continue along to our community’s Suspension bridge that leads to a stairway etched in natural stone. Guiding you to a naturally occurring swimming hole that features thrilling leaps from the surrounding rocks to cool down.

After those breathtaking views and adrenaline pumping jumps, a pre-dinner cocktail is just what the doctor ordered. Take a seat at the carved wood bar to try The Dave Mathews, a tropical and fruity cocktail that's iconic to the Canadian coastline you spent the day exploring or indulge in one of our many decadent bottles of wine. Moving on to our fine dining experience, always showcasing freshly caught local seafood, such as lobsters, and muscles, as well as many delicious options for our land lovers too, all curated by the talented Nick Shaw our executive Chef.

Top off the evening with a nightcap under the stars, soaking up the glow by one of our cozy fire tables on the lawn. The ocean's waves and the crickets sweeping you up and away to the splendors of your room. Sink into the plush Beautyrest beds and enjoy the ocean front views while feeling yourself drift off into a peaceful and restorative sleep. With the sweet trickle of sunlight drifting through the blinds as your timekeeper, you’ll wake refreshed and ready for another fulfilling day exploring our very own oasis.

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