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Experience the Bay of Fundy, Maritime Style

Updated: Mar 1

St. Martins

Once known for building unstoppable schooners that journeyed to every corner of the world, these days, our small maritime village is seen as a place where visitors come for a reset by experiencing deeper connections to the earth, the sea and themselves.

St. Martins inspires, soothes and recharges. It could be the cosmic planetary tug between the earth and the moon – the force that makes the world’s highest tides pour in and out of our harbours and bays - maybe that’s the reason. It could be the constantly changing shoreline with jaw-dropping views around every corner. Like our red cliffs, that seem to have been poured into place millions of years ago and beg to be explored.

Or our sweet little harbour, with an actual fishing fleet and two (yep, two) covered bridges. There, you can wander through piles of buoys, fishing nets and lobster traps, take a nosy peek at the fishing boats (either sitting on the ocean floor or bobbing alongside our 200+ year-old wharf), and take a deep breath for an olfactory mix of the sea, wildflowers, tar (yes, and you’ll love it), and the artisanal ice cream cone we hope you have in your hand.

Or it could be the adventures that the area provides – hikes on the Fundy Trail, kayaking the shoreline for vistas that take your breath away, finding hidden beaches where you’ll be the only people for miles, or hopping on one of our fishing boats or a Zodiac for a tour of the coast.

Doing it all or doing absolutely nothing, stopping for a bowl of chowder and then settling in around one of our firepits, drink in hand, where you’ll meet travelers from all over the world – Maybe that’s the secret to how St. Martins helps people to recharge.

Beach Street Inn is the anchor to the perfect Bay of Fundy adventure.

Ask about the new Bay of Fundy Experience. It is the perfectly curated vacation that takes all the stress out of planning. We handle the details and craft a personalized itinerary designed just for you. See and do everything you want, with plenty of time for the relaxation you deserve. You'll love the Private Dining Experience, the exclusive Cliff walk, the packed picnic lunch, park passes, even ice cream cones are in the mix. Tuck into the lux sheets as the surf lulls you to sleep. It's all ready for you to dive in, no thinking required. After all, you're on vacation.

Book now to put your head in an extra cozy bed.

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