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Top 5 Bay of Fundy Beaches

1. Long Beach on the Fundy Trail

Every summer our family returned to St. Martins. We relished in the languorous, warm days and followed the ebb and flow of the tide over the red sandstone, as we explored the Bay of Fundy from dawn to dusk.

Our parents knew the secret paths that only locals could find. They’d often pack up picnic lunches for trips down to Melvin’s Beach or out to Salmon River, where we clambered over the ancient rocks, discovered perfect swimming holes, and dared each other to dive into the ice-cold water.

It was not until the Fundy Trail opened had ever set eyes on Long Beach. WOW! Is all I can say. Don't miss it. It is yet to be discovered by the masses. My favorite part is the drive down the mountain to the beach. Spectacular is all I can say.

2. Browns Beach

This is a family favorite. There is nothing better than packing up a picnic lunch and heading to Browns Beach. When the tide is out, bring a frisbee and play on the sand flats, climb the massive rock formations, or just stroll along with your toes in the surf.

There are two ways to get there.

From the Lighthouse, follow the path to the right and down to the beach. There is a rope there to help get you down. Not too tricky, but you should be sure footed.

The second way is to follow the West Quaco road to the end. Turn left and park at he dead end. You will see a little path, follow it down the stream. Again, a little tricky, but certainly worth the adventure.

3. Mac's Beach

When the tide is out, we aren't kidding, it's out!

Mac's Beach is home of the Sea Caves. We love this beach when the tide is going out. You can walk the ocean floor and discover all kinds of lovely sea creatures. Then head toward the caves, it's really cool. You will love the feeling it evokes.

Your feet will get wet, so plan accordingly. Also, keep an eye on the tide. It rises and falls 5 feet every hour. There are many a traveler that spent six or more hours waiting in the caves for the tide to go back out.

4. St. Martins Beach

Just steps from the Beach Street Inn, this spectacular crescent beach is the perfect place to see the tides, search for treasures and get lost in nature. When the tide is low, you can walk from the Harbour almost all the way to the lighthouse.

It is also the perfect spot to find the ever elusive "wish rock." Hold it to your heart,

make a wish and pass it to someone you love to make their wishes come true too. Speaking of magic... the tree in the photo above is said to have fairies living in it. I personally haven't met any, but many have. Feel free to stop by and say hello to them.

5. Melvin's Beach on the Fundy Trail

Melvin's Beach is one of those places we used to go as kids. We would pack up the crew with a lunch and head out the old dirt road. My parents knew the path to get down to the beach. It was very unusual if there would be anyone there but us. We would walk north and find the bottom of the waterfall, hike up and wash our hair. Today, maybe not so environmentally correct, but our hair was fabulous!

Now that the Fundy Trail is open, the climb to the Beach is a breeze. Take your time coming back up. There is no rush. Stop at each of the levels, sit back and soak in the beauty all around you. It soothes the soul.

Beach Street Inn is the anchor to the perfect Bay of Fundy adventure.

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