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6 Undiscovered Bay of Fundy Beaches

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Parlee Beach in Shediac and Hopewell Rocks make for glorious day trips from St. Martins, NB. Both are a 90 minute drive from our Inn and we send our guests out every day to enjoy them. But because St. Martins and its surrounding areas are very new on the tourism scene, many of our beaches are undiscovered by visitors.

If you are the type of traveler who enjoys seeing a place before the rest of the world, a short drive from the Inn and walk through our mossy evergreen woods is all it takes to encounter some spectacular beaches. Many of which will be inhabited for the day, only by you.

Our chef will pack one of our backpacks with a picnic lunch for you, then just tie up your walking shoes and your adventure begins.

O’Brien’s Cove on St. Martins Beach

This is my #1 favorite beach and absolutely my biggest secret. It’s our family’s private beach but if you’re reading this, you’re invited.

O’Brien’s Cove can be reached by walking to the rock jetty at the end of St. Martins beach in the direction of the harbour and covered bridges. Climb up and over the jetty and you’ll see a little promontory of red rock land which is called Wolf’s Head. The cove is on the other side of that promontory.. To get there you can climb through a hole in the Wolf’s Head promontory, or you can walk around the foot of it and loop back up to the beach. You’ll find a sandy beach protected by cliff walls on three sides, many washed-up treasures, and Echo Cave, a small sea cave which you can explore and say hellllloooooooooo to your heart’s content.

Brown’s Beach

It will take you 8 minutes (20 if you stop for an ice cream on the way out of the village) to drive to Shore Road in West Quaco, where you can park for the walk to Brown’s beach. Follow the trail that winds its way down a wooded slope alongside a creek and you will come upon one of the most gorgeous beaches in New Brunswick. When the tide is out, there is a wide expanse of sand flats and massive rock formations to climb. The trail is relatively easy but steep in places with a short suspension bridge. Wear shoes with a grippy souls.

Flat Rock Beach and Giffin Pond

You’ll understand why its called Flat Rock Beach when you get there. It will take about 45 minutes from the Inn entrance to the beach and the journey is an excellent adventure all on its own.

Drive out of the village toward Saint John, making a left on West Quaco Road. Follow that road until the end, turn right and park on the top of the hill. If you see Lupins all around you, you’re in the right place. Walk through the woods where the following the dirt path. After thirty minutes of gentle walking, Flat Rock Beach will be all yours.

Duck Pond Beach

More rock than sand, Duck Pond Beach beach is a twenty minute drive from the Inn. With sweeping views and crashing waves, it’s an ideal spot to spend an afternoon or watch the sun go down. It is also the jumping off spot for a glorious hike to Split Rock. Something not to be missed.

Tynemouth Creek

A trip to Tynemouth Creek checks two boxes: Time spent at a little-known, yet spectacular beach and passing through a covered bridge to get there.

A trip to Tynemouth Creek checks two boxes: Time spent at a little-known, yet spectacular beach and passing through a covered bridge to get there.

Fun Fact

Fun fact, Tynemouth Creek is a trailhead to Duck Pond Beach. A moderate hike of about 7 miles which can be done, out and back in about approximately 3 ½ hours.

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