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Take over the Inn! Weddings, family reunions, company meetings—sometimes you just want the entire place to yourself. We have 17 rooms and two cottages overlooking the harbour. Periwinkles Restaurant is available for buy-outs as well. 

Please inquire in advance about availability. Contact Us

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The scenic Village of Alma, in Albert County, is home to descendants of hard-working farmers, shipbuilders, lumbermen, and fishermen. The village is located on the delta of the Upper Salmon River and the Cleveland Brook that empties into Salisbury Bay. This location gave rise to a booming lumber trade back in the 1800s.

Alma is now the HQ for the Fundy National Park, west entrance. You can take the Parkway from St. Martins all the way through to Alma for a breathtaking scenic route.

If you're interested in doing some birding, this area is also known for spotting cormorants, bald eagles, the great blue heron, and many, many more species!


Authentic Bay of Fundy

You must take a stroll across the street from Beach Street Inn and visit Pat Dunn at Authentic Bay of Fundy! Pat is a master woodworker who creates expertly crafted furniture and other special items. You'll probably get some love, too, from his special dog, Oliver!



Our beaches are very unique. 

From fine sand surrounded by red rock cliffs to a rugged coastline, you will be awestruck at their beauty. We challenge you to visit them all and experience them at both high and low tides! You will be happy you did.


There is a curated adventure around every corner and we are here to lay it all out for you.

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