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Whale Watching

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Come closer to the sea’s greatest creatures.

The Bay of Fundy is the habitat of choice for some of the world’s rarest whales, including the endangered North Atlantic right whale. It’s partly because the world’s highest tides bring an abundance of food—plankton, krill and various fish—but also because it’s a sheltered area where the whales can feed, give birth and raise their calves. This makes it one of the world’s best places to whale watch. Choose how you want to get out to the playground where these majestic creatures live. Our whale-watchers have plenty of options including sailboat, catamaran, cruiser, and speedy zodiac. Whale-watching expeditions depart from Saint Andrews, Grand Manan Island, and Campobello Island.


Species of Whales

  • Massive fin Whales

  • Humback Whales

  • Small Fry Minkes

  • Northern Right Whale

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