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Hike the Irish River

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Slip on your water shoes and pack a lunch, it's time to explore the unbeaten path. The route ahead of you is simple, follow the river bank as you make your way to what locals call the "second dam", a swimming hole from many a childhood around here. 

  • Set out on your hike starting at the Hardscrabble Covered Bridge (hint, it's NOT the big brand new one, but you can see it from there) and make your way along the river's edge as the rugged red rock cliffs of the Bay of Fundy coastline give way to New Brunswick's beautiful and unique forest ecosystem.   

  • About a kilometre into your journey, you'll find a swimming hole and relaxing shore area where you can swim, sunbath and often times find amazing wildlife including beaver, deer and bald eagles. Take a dip or just sit back and listen to the river's rhythm. 

  • Make your way back the same way you came and you'll arrive at the St. Martins Harbour where you can treat yourself to an icy cold treat at Octopus Ice Cream or a delicious iced coffee at the Shipyard Cafe to cool off (or both, you've earned it).


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