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Hearst Lodge Trail

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To Grandmother's house we go!

This hike takes you from the suspension bridge at Salmon River all the way to Hearst Lodge. With breathtaking views, swimming holes and historic relevance this hike is one you don’t want to miss. While it may be listed as an easy, there are some difficult aspects like a 750 ft elevation gain and 6.28 Km loop. So be ready for a few steep sections.

Hearst Lodge, built in 1961 as a bed and breakfast, was a top location for those looking to enjoy their weekend fishing. This beautiful spot even brought in some big names such as Frank Sinatra, Donald Sutherland, and Prime Minister Diefenbaker.


Fun Facts

  • Skip the first swimming hole and hike about a a kilometer up the trail

  • Look carefully, you will find foundations of old homes of Salmon River

  • Salmon River was primarily used for logging

  • Hearst Lodge will soon be re-open as an Air BnB

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