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The scenic Village of Alma, in Albert County is home to decendeants of hard-working farmers, shipbuilders, lumberman and fisherman. The village has had so much success in part to the Upper Salmon river and the Clevaland Brook feltas converging to the Salsbury Bay. 

Alma is now the HQ for the Fundy National Park, entrance West. So you can take the parway from St. Martins all the way through to Alma for a breathtaking sceneic route.

Also known for an East Coast fav, Mrs. Dunster's a delicious donught thats been around for 50 years originsted right in town. What used to be a small time operation is now delivering all over North America.

If you're interested in doing some birding, the area is known for spotting Cormorants, Bald Eagles, Great Blue Heron and many many more!


This settlment was originally named " Salmon River Settlement" owned by Loyalist John Coffin.

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