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Periwinkles: Live Deliciously

Once Upon a Tide

While your out exploring the sea caves and grabbing lunch, make sure to check out Once Upon a Tide to pick up your Souvenir! 

Long Beach

Just a short drive away!

If you're looking to experience more of the legendary Bay of Fundy tides, look no further than Long beach. At low tide this beach expands far out, exposing two and a half kilometers (one-and-a-half-miles) of shoreline and ocean floor. 

Worlds Highest Tides

The 8th Wonder of the World

Walk the Ocean floor in St. Martins!

The Bay of Fundy’s 12 hour cycle is the fastest and largest tidal range in the world.

Every new hour brings about a 5 ft increase or decrease, making for a rapidly changing landscape that captures the eye of all who gaze upon it.

Gin Thuya

Try Local Spirits

Stop by Perrywinkle's to try this refreshing Gin!

Local to the Maritimes, Gin Thuya quickly became one of our favorites. Top notes of evergreen and hints of lemon and citrus make a perfect pairing in our Tom Collins or just a simple G&T. This light summer drink will keep you refreshed through our warm summer months. 


Try this local delight

This local delicacy might be an acquired taste, is packed full of amazing health benefits (see below) that could sway you towards trying.  You can eat it dried or add it to your favorite recipes to give it an additional Umami flavour. Make sure to stop by Huttges and grab a bag!

Pro Tip: See dulse somewhere else and want to try it? Get the one in a paper bag. 

Ocean Dips

St. Martin’s coast line typically comes with beautifully calm waters perfect for a day at the beach. Don’t let the warm weather fool you, the Bay of Fundy stays at a consistent 12 degrees Celsius year round, so if you’re willing to brave the temperature, it makes for a beautiful spot to take a swim.

With the water staying at 12 degrees Celsius year round, though it may be chilly in Summer time, it does make for a warmer version of the Polar Bear Plunge during Winter!

Hikes and Walks

The Fundy Trail Parkway is part of one of the longest stretches of remaining coastal wilderness areas between Florida and Labrador. Packed full of hiking trails, look out points, beaches and waterfalls, this is a must see destination during your St. Martins adventure! 

Grand Manan

If you’re looking to take a Ferry ride, see some wildlife along the way and enjoy more stunning coastlines, a trip to Grand Manan might just be for you.

Take the Coastal Transport limited’s ferry, usually lasting about 1.5 hours, but don’t let that discourage you. This stretch of ocean is known for its beautiful whales and sea life. Although you may be booking a Scenic whale watching tour once you arrive, never miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Finbacks, Humpbacks, Minke and the rare North Atlantic Right Whales and many more. Not only is this a fantastic area to see whales and the like, but many people travel from all over the world to bird watch.

This area is also packed with galleries, museums and many historic locations to feed the mind as well as the senses as you try the local treat Dulse, a fresh delicacy.

The ferry does start its day at 9:30am and the last boat is back at 7:15 so make sure to plan out your fun-filled day to make the ferry ride back to your home away from home!


Swing by Sandpiper's to find a unique gift or souvenier to help you remeber your trip! Locally owned, this shop is filled with anituques, jewelery and more! 

Huttges General Merchants

Stop in to St. Martins very own General store.

Family owned by the Huttges, this mom and pop shop has the essentials or even just a snack for your day on the Fundy Trail Parkway. You'll always be greeted with a smile!

Hearst Lodge Trail

To Grandmother's house we go!

This hike takes you from the suspension bridge at Salmon River all the way to Hearst Lodge. With breathtaking views, swimming holes and historic relevance this hike is one you don’t want to miss. While it may be listed as an easy, there are some difficult aspects like a 750 ft elevation gain and 6.28 Km loop. So be ready for a few steep sections.

Hearst Lodge, built in 1961 as a bed and breakfast, was a top location for those looking to enjoy their weekend fishing. This beautiful spot even brought in some big names such as Frank Sinatra, Donald Sutherland, and Prime Minister Diefenbaker.

Interpretation Centre

The interpretive centre is located approximately 10 km into the park. Here, daily talks, washroom facilities, snacks, and souvenirs are available. 

The building housing the Interpretive Centre is a re-creation of the bunkhouse which once housed the single men who worked and lived here. In the late 1800s and well into the mid-1950s, Big Salmon River was a flourishing logging, fishing and shipbuilding community.

The Interpretive Centre houses many displays of original artifacts and old photographs from the era when the paternalistic Pejepscot Paper Company provided housing, a schoolhouse, community centre and even electricity for the settlement at Big Salmon River.

Staff members are on hand to answer your questions about the Fundy Trail Heritage Sawmill & Interpretation.

(Prob needs a rewrite) 

Martin Head Look out

Take a look to the east, and you'll see a beautiful view of  Martin Head, a long stretch of  gravel connected to a rocky head at the mouth of the Quiddy River. 

Salmon River Suspension Bridge

Make the trip out to experience the 84 m (275 ft) suspension footbridge! Stop at parking lot 8 (P8) near the interpretive centre and follow the Suspension Bridge Trail inland along the Big Salmon River.  Although we all love the Slamon River Suspension bridge, it was actually originally a covered bridge until washed out in a Spring freshet.

Walton Glen Gorge

While visiting the Little Salmon River Natural Protected area throught the Fundy Trail, the Walton Glen raised Observation Deck lets you get toe to toe with the Walton Glen Gorge.

Stop at P15  and follow the trail and go past the main building, turning left and continue on into the woods. 

There is a shorcut that brings you via a cable ladder if you head towards the Reception Centre.

Fundy Trail Parkway - Parking Lot 2

Take the Sea Captains’ Burial Ground Footpath and you'll come upon two burial plots. One for the Fownes family and the other for the Melvin family. These two families settled in the are even before the original settlment was established in 1783. These two families are credited to uilding 32 ships, and working two large farms from 1820 to 1864.  There are more than 45 family members buried in the two cemeteries.

Fundy Trail Parkway - Parking Lot 1

Stop at parking lot 1 and take the Flowerpot Scenic trail at Fownes head, soon you'll come to the beautiful view of Flowerpot Rock

Ocean Dips

Sunscreen anyone?

St. Martin’s coast line typically comes with beautifully calm waters perfect for a day at the beach. Don’t let the warm weather fool you, the Bay of Fundy stays at a consistent 12 degrees Celsius year round, so if you’re willing to brave the temperature, it makes for a beautiful spot to take a swim.

With the water staying at 12 degrees Celsius year round, though it may be chilly in Summer time, it does make for a warmer version of the Polar Bear Plunge during Winter!


The Funday Parkway is a must see desitnation for those looking to take their motorcycles outfor a beautiful ride! The many lookout points pair perfectly witht the ease of biking the entirety of the Parkway.

River Ferries


The scenic Village of Alma, in Albert County is home to decendeants of hard-working farmers, shipbuilders, lumberman and fisherman. The village has had so much success in part to the Upper Salmon river and the Clevaland Brook feltas converging to the Salsbury Bay. 

Alma is now the HQ for the Fundy National Park, entrance West. So you can take the parway from St. Martins all the way through to Alma for a breathtaking sceneic route.

Also known for an East Coast fav, Mrs. Dunster's a delicious donught thats been around for 50 years originsted right in town. What used to be a small time operation is now delivering all over North America.

If you're interested in doing some birding, the area is known for spotting Cormorants, Bald Eagles, Great Blue Heron and many many more!

Saint John

Saint John, know for being the only city located on the Bay of Fundy, offers a fantastic view of the world's highest tides.  

Places to visit

  •  Reversing Falls Rapids - This  phenomenon has 100 billion tons of water colliding with the Saint John River at high tide, causing it to flow backward twice daily.

  • Kings Square - This beautiful park is the perfect getaway for those searching for sunshine, music and lots of greeneru. At the center there is the statue of King Edward VII Memorial Bandstand, a raised structure with a copper roof and fountain that was built in 1908. Hosting free concerts on select Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday nights.

  • Saint John City Market - This market starting in the late 1700s, making it the oldest continuing farmers market in Canada. Full of a wide variety of delicious food, spices and locally made goods, this 19th-century building looks alot like an upside down ship, so make sure to look up!

Moore's Specialties

Make sure to stop by and say hello to May Moore!

St. Martin’s very own award winning artist has been painting and selling art for over forty years. Her pieces feature beautiful flowers and landscapes of the area. Her location is the perfect place to get a one of a kind keepsake that perfectly portrays your visit to this historic town on the Bay of Fundy.

Star Gazing

Our sleepy villiage is the perfect place for stargazing! The beaches make for the perfect places to lay out and look up at the stars, often seeing the milkyway and the big and little dippers.

Fundy Regenerative Retreats

"Join us and retreat to this oceanside sanctuary for a curated transformative experience in St. Martins, New Brunswick. Take this time to feed your soul while you reclaim time, refocus priorities and regenerate your mind & body through daily yoga and meditation classes. Experience the healing power of nature through Forest Bathing and come away with skills for regenerative living through experiential sessions designed for the mind, body and spirit.

This retreat will provide an opportunity to reconnect with your inner child, recharge your spirit, and regenerate your soul. We've curated these retreats around amazing experiences and... we've built in lots of time for the beach, the chill room, connecting with each other and of course alone time to regenerate." 

- Fundy Regenerative Retreats -

Essentially Seaside

Looking to add to your crystal collection and dive into your spiritual side? Check out Essentially Seaside for a wide array of hand currated crystals, and other spiritual tools like singing bowls and tarot cards!

Things to do

Things to do

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