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Periwinkles: Live Deliciously

Take the time to immerse yourself in the Bay of Fundy Experience

At Beach Street Inn we will sit with you each day and provide you with a customized experience. Everyone from the back seat driver, gentle walker to the high adventure seeker will discover the Undiscovered Maritmes, the Bay of Fundy and the Fundy Trail.

We will even pack you a picnic basket full of delicious treats. How about a bottle of wine to sip on your blanket overlooking spectacular vistas. No problem.

Here is a look at some of what we have planned for you.

Day 1 - Fundy Trail

  • Photograph Flowerpot Rocks

  • Hike, bike or drive the Fundy Trail

  • Take the trail to Melvin’s Beach and Fuller Falls

  • Walk the Suspension Bridge over Salmon River,

(ask us how to find our secret swimming hole)

  • Lunch at Long Beach

  • Be amazed by “The Gorge”

Day 2 - St. Martins Harbour

  • Follow the Irish River to the second Dam

  • Walk the harbour floor and discover Echo Cave

  • Walk through the Twin Covered Bridges

  • Stroll the Harbour and enjoy an ice cream cone or latte.

Day 3-The Caves and History

Explore the Sea Caves on foot in low tide or in a Kayak at high tide

  • Walk the ocean floor and discover its mysteries

  • Let history reveals itself at the Quaco Museum

Day 4- Secluded Beaches and Lighthouses

Visit the Lighthouse

  • Walk the sand flats on Browns Beach

  • Hike through the woods to Flat Rock Beach

  • Discover Split Rock

Day 5- Saint John

  • Tour Uptown Saint John

  • Lunch at the oldest ongoing City Market

  • Evening Ghost Tour if you dare

Day 6- St. Andrews

  • Go Whale Watching

  • Shopping in the Village

Day 7- On the Bay

  • Take a kayak or Zodiac tour

Any day

  • Take the Seafood Chowder Challenge

Last Day

  • Walk the Beach and find wish rocks. We Wish... you will long to be back soon.

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